PayChain liquidity-farm partnership announcement !

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2 min readMar 1, 2022

We are happy to announce that PayChain has now a liquidity-farm partnership with Hummingbird Finance[$HEGG].

Yield farming

Also referred to as liquidity mining, is a way to generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings. In simple terms, it means locking up cryptocurrencies and getting rewards. In some sense, yield farming can be paralleled with staking. However, there’s a lot of complexity going on in the background. In many cases, it works with users called liquidity providers (LP) that add funds to liquidity pools.

What are liquidity pools ?

Liquidity Pools are Smart Contracts which allow holders to a deposit a digital asset (cryptocurrency) so that asset can be traded automatically on a decentralized exchange, quickly and without the need for complicated manually processes. It’s basically a smart contract that contains funds. In return for providing liquidity to the pool, LPs get a reward. That reward may come from fees generated by the underlying DeFi platform, or some other source.

About PayChain (PACHA)

PayChain [PACHA] is a Decentralized, Reward, Secure Payment Token. $PACHA will be the reward and earnings token from PayFlow. Earn $PACHA tokens each transaction happens!

Our target

We strive for a better and cheaper internal web shop, rewards and payment method with PayChain inside the PayFlow expansions. Many things that will be implemented into PFT will make it possible to pay with $PACHA!

How to buy PACHA?

Purchase at: with BNB
PACHA contract address
: 0xf670f753ffb498ec004e02b1fd488f94795e82d6

Token Tax Distribution:
5% fee used for buybacks/marketing
5% reward fee goes to PayChain holders
1% Burn
Total: 11% (set slippage 12–15%)

Example: address ‘A’ sends 100 tokens, address ‘B’ receives 89 tokens. (5 tokens sent to the buyback/marketing address, 1 token burnt, 5 tokens distribute to the token holders.

About Hummingbird Egg (HEGG)

HEGG is the governance token of NestSwap, a decentralized exchange. You can swap BSC tokens, with token liquidty and security linked with Pancakeswap. Find staking pools and farms or play the lottery. NestSwap is operated by Hummingbird Finance.

How to buy HEGG?
HEGG contract address: 0x778682C19797d985c595429FbC51D67736013A86
Chart link
Token tax: ZERO (set slippage below 1%)
Full HEGG details

PACHA contract address: 0xf670f753ffb498ec004e02b1fd488f94795e82d6

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