PayFlow (PFT) listed on Delta !

PayFlow is now listed on Delta tracking app


Delta Investment Tracker is the new and levelled up version of the Delta Crypto Tracker. Yes, Delta now supports not only crypto, but also stocks, funds, forex currencies and indices. With even more to come next year. The goal is simple: if it has value and it’s an investment, you can track it with Delta. And in Delta, you’ll have a nice overview of what and how much you own per asset class. Combined and separately!

Download the Delta app and track us now.

Track us here ⤵

There are more exciting collaborations we will be announcing, for now sit tight and hold your $PFT.


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PayFlow | PFT

PayFlow | PFT


PayFlow or PFT is a decentralized and secure token on the Binance Smart Chain. Our aim is to make a secure and easy payment system for crypto users & traders.