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3 min readFeb 12, 2022


Earn passive income in our mutual pools for 40 days !

“Glad to have been introduced to the team at PayFlow, great fundamentals. Do check out their whitepaper.”
Bryden McKinnie, CEO Hummingbird Finance’

Partnership with Hummingbird Finance.

We are thrilled to announce that PayFlow has now a staking-partnership with Hummingbird Finance [NESTSWAP][HMNG & HEGG].

NestSwap, operated by Hummingbird Finance, is offering mutual staking pools with PayFlow ($PFT), running for 40 days. It’s a great opportunity for both communities to earn rewards just by staking.

What are NestSwap staking pools?

The staking pools allow multiple token holders to combine their token resources as a way to increase their chances of being rewarded. In other words, they unite their staking power in the process of verifying and validating new blocks, so they have a higher probability of earning the block reward.

Are there any risks or costs with staking?

With any staking or token trading always do your research and check any staking costs before taking action. Many tokens have a “TAX” for buying and selling. Good news, with HEGG and PFT, they are zero tax so you only pay a small BNB fee to interact with the staking contract.
Remember to check how many days remain before staking. The longer you are in the pool the higher the rewards. Token APY quoted fluctuates depending on the token value and number of holders staking.

About Hummingbird Egg (HEGG)

HEGG is the governance token of NestSwap, a decentralized exchange. You can swap, stake, farm and play the lottery. NestSwap is operated by Hummingbird Finance.

HEGG contract address: 0x778682C19797d985c595429FbC51D67736013A86




DEX: Https://

New Mutual Staking Pools

1. Stake HEGG 》PFT rewards

Total Token rewards: 90,000 PFT
Distribution maximum duration: 40 Days from 12th Feb
Token Tax: Zero

2. Stake PFT 》HEGG rewards

Total Token reward: 550,000 HEGG
Distribution duration: 40 Days from 12th Feb
Token Tax: Zero

Slippage 0.1 to 1% for both tokens

How to stake on NestSwap?

If you own $HEGG or $PFT already, awesome! If not can buy here on . Any questions about staking, join the PayFlow telegram group.

Important points to take in!

Go to

  • Click “ENABLE ” on either HEGG/PFT or PFT/HEGG pool
  • Then click on the stake button
  • A small amount of BNB is required for transaction fees when staking, removing stake or harvesting
  • Add the amount & confirm the transaction
  • You can remove stake to collect harvest at then end of the term
  • You can remove stake before or after the pool closes
  • Remember to add both tokens listed in your wallet to see rewards
  • Remember the staked tokens will leave your wallet, so remember to collect them!
  • Save the closing date in you calendar and remember to remove your stake after it closes.

There are more exciting collaborations we will be announcing, for now sit tight and hold your $PFT.


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