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5 min readAug 8, 2023


We are thrilled to announce the upcoming roadmap for PayFlow V2, which will shape the future of our project. The main focus at PayFlow at the present is the launch of PayFlow, a significant milestone that will bring about substantial improvements and opportunities.

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We are currently working diligently on the backend of V2 and refining its functionalities to ensure a seamless user experience. We are excited to share that on July 2023, we will unveil the definitive plans for PayFlow V2. Rest assured, this development will be a remarkable leap forward for PayFlow.

In addition to PayFlow V2, we have other exciting projects in the pipeline. One of these ventures includes the release of our own NFT collection. However, considering the current market conditions, we have decided to schedule the launch to the end of this year or the beginning of the next. This decision allows us to maximize the potential of the NFT in the current market and create a unique collection that aligns with our long-term vision.

Furthermore, we are determined to expand the utility of PayFlow. This expansion is a part of the roadmap and PayFlow V2 launch, and will introduce a range of new features and functionalities that enhance your overall user experience.

Alongside these developments, we have several exciting short-term milestones planned:

Release of our new website: Our updated website will not only reflect the advancements of PayFlow, but also provide users with a more informative and engaging platform to learn about our project.

PayFlow(Dapp) revamp: We are working diligently to revitalize and improve PayFlowSwap, our decentralized dashboard platform. The revamp aims to enhance its efficiency, security, and overall usability, offering an even smoother buy and sell experience for our community members.

The features that will be added to the dashboard are: Swap (buy/sell), PFT V2 Staking, LP staking, claim and see your vesting scheme, Use limit-orders, and more.

Team Expansions: At PayFlow, we’re seeking motivated individuals with experience to join our team. We want to prevent any further delays and bring the best out of PayFlow. If you have a passion for crypto and expertise in marketing, programming, social media, or design, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us with your resume and let’s work together to take PayFlow to new heights.


We are well on schedule, constantly improving our work techniques to finish everything quickly and properly based on the roadmap.

In light of recent developments, the PayFlow team would like to extend its apologies for the recent period of limited activity and assure our community members that we are fully committed to the success of the PayFlow project.

We are also in the process of obtaining an e-money license, which ensures that we can offer our services with the right legal stuff. Security and speed are our priorities. This is not that easy, but it is certainly possible. We have the correct information and the right provider to continue with this for our own PayFlow debit card.

Recent Updates
Recent updates

PayChain (PACHA):

The holders of the PACHA tokens do not have to do anything else, everything is ready to start the vesting periods. The details of the vesting period are shared with those of the PFT V2 holders.

You can easily calculate how much PFT you will receive for your PACHA tokens here: PACHA → PFT V2 calculator

PayFlow’s utility token PFT (v2):

The smart contract of the PFT V2 token will undergo an audit before we release it. This is part of the security check on the contract.

The vesting periods for the V1 holders, team, liquidity, operations and so on. Will be released along with the vesting schedule for the PACHA holders.

A vesting period is part of the plan for the future of PayFlow and its utility token, PFT (V2), which will ensure that selling pressure is realistically reduced.

Staking details:

You can find the staking details below, which means that four different staking pools will be released.

All staking smart contracts will be tested and go through a security check to ensure the safety of everyone’s funds.

Staking details

Vesting details:

The airdropped PFT will be vested over a period of time to incentivize the longer-term health of the project and a stable price at the airdrop. Upon launch, at least a percentage of the airdropped tokens will become immediately available. The remainder will be vested and unlocked over a period to be announced later. We are thinking carefully about this period for the stability of PayFlow and our utility token, PFT.

Note that the snapshot has already been taken and nothing can change about the snapshot. The PFT (V2) tokens will be claimable at a later date through a vesting period.

The vesting schedule can be found below:

PFT (v2) Litepaper:

Our litepaper is ready, just a design change will be made. Once it is ready, it will be added to the release of our new website.

After the litepaper, we will release the new roadmap, which will give our community some more insight into what and when we go live. This is quite soon.


In the upcoming days and weeks, we will be modifying and enlarging the group, as well as initiating various initiatives to enhance the community and provide everyone with the opportunity to win substantial prizes.

We’ve hired additional moderators to strengthen us during the launch of V2.

The community will also have a chance to purchase PFT (V2) during a whitelisted limited private sale. More information will follow, keep an eye on our social media channels to get in.

Stay tuned for further updates and get ready to witness the transformation power of PayFlow V2!

We are almost there!

The PayFlow Team.



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