PayFlow Weekly Update.

Weekly update PayFlow & PayChain.

It’s been a busy time for the PayFlow team and we have some exciting updates coming up!


  • Release PayFlow Referral Program.(coming soon)
    PayFlow is giving away prices to randomly selected participants from the top 20 ranked participants, 1 lucky winner will receive a brand new Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet. that means a total of 21 lucky winners.
  • The dev team is currently finishing our PayFlow & PayChain webshop This will activate the first following features:
    Create an account.
    Explore the webshop.
    View our merch,accessories,..
    Buy with crypto & fiat.
    Create an account.
    View latest activity,…
  • Development of our NFT Marketplace This will activate the first following features:
    Mint our first collection.
    View our collection.
    Buy/sell NFTs.
    Create a profile.
    View latest activity.
  • Deployment of the NFT marketplace.
    1. Deploy smart contracts.
    2. Create mint page.
    3. Start mint NTFs (more info will be announced).

*Phase 1 will feature the sale of the our NFT collections.
*Phase 2 will open up the marketplace for the sale of other collections. ⤷More info coming soon.

  • Shortly after deploying the contracts of our NFTs & Marketplace, we will launch the NFT minting page where you will be able to mint your amazing PayFlow NFTs!
  • We began working on our new PayFlow website.
  • Legal company registration (PayFlow).
    In conversation with registration of PayFlow.
    Legal discussions about registration and taxes around PayFlow.
    Looking for potential investors for future plans.
    The final process and demonstrating our company.
  • CoinGecko listing PayFlow (PFT), Things we need to do:
    Adding more Liquidity.
    Gaining more daily volume.
  • Crypto advertisement for PayFlow-PayChain.
    banners are being designed right now.
    Deployment of the banners or websites. (will be shared)
    New (strategic) partnerships.
    Hiring 1–2 marketing companies.
    Ads on PayFlowSwap.
    New listings on webistes such as Vulkania,Lunarcrush,..
    Expanding our team.
  • Delay of our first CEX (exchange listing).
    Watch and discuss with potential top exchanges.
    Analyzing the exchanges.
    Organizing our listing.

⤷ We are aware of the delay of our first Exchange listing, we do this because we only choose the safest and most efficient exchange. a legal company is often needed for this and we are working on this as we speak.

  • Press release for PayFlow & PayChain.
    Writing script for the PRs.
    Hiring a company to deploy the PR.
    Deployment on Nasdaq & Bloomberg.
  • Youtube advertising.
    Youtubers selected and video’s in the making.
    Search for good and efficient Youtubers with effect for the community and introduction for PayFlow’s company.
    Expand to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.


  • The team is currently looking for and organizing new partnerships!⤷Staking partnerships (staking pools).
    Strategic collaborations.
    General partnerships.
  • We will also have NFT Collaborations for a collection with other projects.
  • Additional partnerships.

What to Expect in August?

  • We expect to deploy new promotions.
    Banner ads deployment.
    New listings on webistes such as Vulkania,Lunarcrush,..
    Twitter, Telegram calls + AMA’s.
  • PR on Nasdaq & Bloomberg.
  • We will continue working on the main PayFlow website.
    Release when finished.
  • Development for NFTs and Marketplace continues in the background.
    At the moment the team is working on it and will release when finished.
  • Event :📢 We are really excited to launch our PayFlow Referral Program. You can win some amazing prices by following some tasks and stand a chance to walk away with nice prices!

Team Expansion

  • We are always looking for talented individuals to accelerate PayFlow globally. If you think you can contribute to our mission, feel free to contact!

*We will share some examples and release the upcoming things in the following days and weeks, keep an eye on our socials!


Website: https:/


Telegram Group:







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PayFlow | PFT

PayFlow | PFT


PayFlow or PFT is a decentralized and secure token on the Binance Smart Chain. Our aim is to make a secure and easy payment system for crypto users & traders.