PFT Snapshot successfully taken!

We are happy to announce that the snapshot of the $PFT price has been successfully made!

Snapshot price: $0.003368/PFT

Based on the price above, $PACHA holders will know how much PFT they will receive.

The snapshot has been taken for holders and stakers of $PACHA. These holders will be able to obtain $PFT tokens at a later date based on and calculated on their $PACHA holdings.


As part of our growth strategy, we will be airdropping $PFT at a price of $0.003368/PFT for $PACHA held by $PACHA holders. Note that the snapshot has already been taken and nothing can change about the snapshot price. The $PFT tokens will be claimable at a later date through a vesting period.

The airdropped $PFT will be vested over a period to incentivize the longer-term health of the project and stable price at airdrop. Upon launch, at least a percentage of the airdropped tokens will become immediately available. The remainder will be vested and unlocked over a period to be announced later. We are thinking carefully about this period for the stability of PayFlow and our utility token $PFT.

How to Participate

Step 1: Withdraw and hold the staked $PACHA from the current staking pools after this announcement is made. Don’t move the $PACHA to another wallet to prevent losing tokens by tax.

Note: We understand that some people will find out later and have not yet withdrawn their $PACHA, it doesn’t matter, everyone will get a chance later to exchange your $PACHA for $PFT.

Step 2: The snapshot price is released by the team, now you can calculate how much $PFT you will receive from the $PACHA in your wallet.

Step 3: Wait for claim instructions and vesting period to be provided by the initial contributors.


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PayFlow | PFT

PayFlow | PFT


PayFlow or PFT is a decentralized and secure token on the Binance Smart Chain. Our aim is to make a secure and easy payment system for crypto users & traders.