PFT V2 Roadmap Update — Feb-Mar 2023

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3 min readApr 15, 2023


We have started the year 2023 well with the announcement of PFT V2, and our team is still building! After the announcement, we first started internally reorganizing company structures, the company, and the team to work smoothly on the V2 towards our goal.


We are well on schedule, constantly improving our work techniques to finish everything quickly and properly based on the roadmap.

The only delays we have are the design of the lite paper (V2) and the NFT Smart Contracts.

We expect to have this ready by the end of the next roadmap update.
The NFT Smart Contracts must be tested and secure before we will release them.

General Updates:


  • Development of the new website was paused and is expected to resume in April.
  • We successfully removed the LPs, took 2 snapshots for the token holders of PACHA and PFT (V1).
  • Our developers are actively working to revamp PayFlowSwap.
  • We completed the tokenomics details for PFT (V2), Vesting details PFT (V2) and PACHA.
  • We have made internal adjustments to our way of working, and have also added two people to our team to grow our social media activity.


  • The PayFlow team is actively working behind the scene to get ready for the community marketing campaigns.
  • We continue to run giveaways as part of our roadmap plan, every other week to reward engaged community members with some games.
  • We will migrate the community to another group to clean everything up and get ready for the launch of PayFlow V2.


  • We are always exploring new partnership opportunities. Expect more details soon on the progress.

What to Expect in April

  • We are continuing to work on the new website, 80% is finished and previews will follow.
  • The release of our NFT collection will be delayed due to smart contract deployment and testing.
  • We will soon release all details about the new staking pools for PFT (V2) and all vesting details for PayChain (PACHA) & PayFlow (PFT V1), As well as all vesting details for internal and all other locked PFT V1 & V2 tokens.
  • PayFlow as well as PayFlowSwap will undergo an adjustment for utility based developments and UI / UX.
  • In anticipation of the launch of PFT V2, we will ramp up our social media activity. By hiring a team to take over our social media and strengthen our team.

For the month of April and May an update will be given at the end of May, stay tuned!

“As a team, we thank you for the support we received during the lifetime of PayFlow. We are excited about the future and can’t wait to share this with our holders.”



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